Clear voice.
Strong story.
Let your words be heard.



Writing is personal. We open ourselves up, pour out our ideas onto the page, and want to find a way to communicate with others, convey our story, and navigate those twists and turns that come up so perfectly in our imagination. How do we find the kind of feedback that will help us get where we want to go?

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First drafts aren't always great. It's a rare human being who can sit down and write out their magnum opus, without any kind of review or revision. Sometimes first drafts don't come out the way you intended. And that's okay. A first draft that is sketchy is always better than a blank page. It gives you something to work with, a place to begin. 

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Editing can help. Whether it's a manuscript critique or an in-depth edit, having a second set of eyes go over your work can help take it from good to great. Good editing isn't about applying the editor's vision to your work, it's about letting your work, your ideas, shine. It's about letting your voice be heard. 

That's what I do. And if you're interested, then I'd love to hear from you.



My name is Marie Hix. I'm an editor—and a writer, and a crafter, and lots of other things. After receiving my BA in English (with a Theater Arts minor) and my MA in Writing (with a concentration in Book Publishing) I worked for a time at a publishing company, supporting our managing editor, working with new authors, and reviewing incoming submissions. Following that, I worked for two small design firms in the Portland area as a project manager for print and web projects These days, my usual job title is Mom. 

I have always been drawn to writing, and I know what it's like to always have a project in the works, or to constantly be pushing the boulder of your plot uphill, only to have it roll back on you the next time you read what you've got. I get it. I love working with writers who are ready to take the next steps to get their book going. Writers who are collaborative, eager, and open. Is that you? Let's talk.