What I Do

At each step of the process, you want someone with you who understands the big picture as well as the small details. The editorial services I offer span the spectrum from structural and developmental editing to ghostwriting. Refine your tentative idea into a working plan, or, when your manuscript is done, tighten up your pitch and query letter. Whatever your needs are, talk to me, let's start working.


Copywriting + Content Marketing

Anyone can write, but not everyone wants to... or has the time and energy! If you're focused on the nuts and bolts of your business, but don't have the time to craft blogs, articles, and newsletters, then you need someone supporting you. That's where a ghostwriter steps in. I write what you need—so you can get back to business. Interested? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Working from a broad idea and a handful of notes, I can do the research to find the connective threads to generate a fresh blog post, in your voice.

  • I can develop evergreen email sequences and inviting newsletters that connect with your readers.

  • When I get my hands on your content, I can help craft a sales page that not only conveys the need-to-know information about your services, but also invites your customers to take action now.


Manuscript Development + Copyediting

For those of you looking to turn your amazing idea or thrilling adventure into a book, I can help. Whether it's developing a story from rough, sketched-out notes, structuring a nonfiction narrative conveys your ideas clearly, or polishing up your manuscript in preparation for publication, I can help. 

  • For fiction, the developmental editing process assesses plot, structure, character, style, voice, and other essential components to making a great story.

  • For a nonfiction book, memoir, or guide, this helps assess whether the organization is understandable, whether the pacing is correct, and if the tone matches the work and remains consistent throughout.

  • If you're ready to start pitching editors, I can help you develop a succinct pitch for your story, as well as craft a query letter that will get you noticed.

  • Line editing looks more at voice and style, watching for things such as inconsistent tone, dialogue that sounds off, redundancy, and tightening up scenes. It's more stylistic, more about flow and elegance than pure technical review.

  • Just like planting flowers next to a highway, for obvious reasons, copyedits and line edits work best when you've got the 'road' of the story locked and settled. Copyediting focuses more on technical aspects, capitalization, punctuation, and all of the little details that help maintain internal consistency of your work. Was that character blonde in chapter two, but a redhead by chapter six? Let's talk.


Other work

I've written sonnets for travel companies and short fiction for anthologies; I've dug through details and reassembled poetry collections. I've done website copy migration and clean-up, adjusted formatting of presentations and constructed website hierarchies... but I've never been skiing. No, seriously. I mean, everyone's got a limit, right? Strapping two pieces of wood to your feet and falling down a mountain? Hm.


Wait. What if I have no clue what I need?

Developmental or line editing? Should I change my point of view? Does my story make sense enough to start copyediting? How do I know if I need blog posts or emails or… Don't worry. I got you covered. Just shoot me a message, and we’ll talk about it!